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we are a scrap dealers. We have copper, brass and radiator scrap(copper and brass) of Asian and African origin. We can supply approximately 2 20″ containers/ montlh and right now we have some goods ready in stock available for sale.


Best Quality Brass Scrap For Sale


High temperature resistant
Excellent thermal conductivity
Rust proof
Yellow brass is the most common brass you will come across. It is used in belt buckles, plumbing, plaques, jewelry, marine hardware, musical instruments, and other things that call for an anticorrosive material. It can be painted, tarnished, or chromed so always grind the material to see its true colors. It is completely non-magnetic (a magnet should not stick). hand.
*Check each piece with a magnet *Grind the surface of questionable pieces. Steel is often chromed to prevent corrosion and will resemble brass; Die cast is often coated with a yellow coating which also resembles brass.

Brass Categories we Sell
Red Brass
Yellow Brass
70/30 Brass
Comp Brass
Rod Brass
Back Flows
Bullet Shells / Casings
Dirty Brass
Hard Brass

Composition or red brass Shall consist of red brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings and other machinery parts including miscellaneous castings made of copper, tin, zinc and/or lead. Shall be free of semi-red brass castings (78% to 81% copper) ; railroad car boxes and other similar high-lead alloys ; cocks and faucet ; closed water meter ; gates ; pot pieces ; ingots and burned brass ; aluminum, silicon and manganese bronzes ; iron and non-metallics. No piece to measure more than 12’’ over any one part or weigh over 100 lbs. Heavier pieces acceptable upon mutual agreement between buyer and seller.

Ebony Foundry
Clean insize gunmetal scrap Typically under 300mm x 300mm in size, free of oil and grease. To be sold as being suitable for melt scrap without processing.

New Brass Clippings Shall consist of the cuttings of new unleaded yellow brass sheet or plate, to be clean and free from foreign substances and not to contain more than 10% of clean brass punching under ¼ inch. To be free of Muntz metal and naval brass.

Yellow Brass Rod Turnings Shall consist of strictly rod turnings, free of aluminum, manganese, composition, Tobin and Muntz metal turnings ; not to contain over 3% free iron, oil or other moisture ; to be free of grindings and babbitts ; to contain not more than 0.30% tin and not more than 0.15% alloyed iron.

Ocean Brass
Mixed Unsweated Auto RadiatorsShall consist of mixed automobile radiators, to be free of aluminum radiators and iron-finned radiators. All radiators to be subject to deduction of actual iron. The tonnage specification should cover the gross weight of the radiators unless otherwise specified.

Packaging Details: Per Client Request
Lead Time : 10 Days

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