O Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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O Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
The nice fragrance, antioxidants and taste of O Extra Virgin Coconut Oil makes it distinctive among others. Coconut Oil is not a new name, but Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be an unfamiliar name to you. For increase in the sales, the ordinary oil has not been given a new name. But due to its purest form, it is called to be as O Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Without applying any heat, the oil is extracted from the coconuts. In comparison to other ordinary coconut oil, this type of oil is gaining more popularity and for a good reason. Place your order today at EG.

Specifications Limits
Saponification Value 242 – 265
C:18:1 Oleic Acid 5.4 – 9.9
C:12 Lauric Acid 45.0 – 51.0
Moisture & Impurities No more than 0.20%
Color No more than 2.0R/20.0Y (5-1/4″ Lovibond Column)
Iodine Value 5.0 – 13.0
Peroxide Value No more than 3.0 meq/kg
Melting Point 21 – 26 ?C
Refractive Index 1.448 – 1.452 (40?C)
Free Fatty Acid No more than 0.60% Oleic, 0.20% Lauric
C:6 Caproic Acid 0 – 2.0
C:8 Caprylic Acid 0.91 – 10
C:10 Capric Acid 3.78 – 11.0
C:16 Palmitic Acid 4.0 – 10.2
C:18 Stearic Acid 1.0 – 5.0
C:14 Myristic Acid 16.0 – 21.09


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